The Dragon Slayer

is a play on the "Hero's quest to slay the Dragon" trope.
my goal is to conceptualize a series of digital illustrations with a picture book aesthetic
for the younger audience that can also be transformed into animated media.
I wanted it to be as straightforward and clear as its visual storytelling
while also being able to suggest some mature themes. 

I went for this stylistic approach to imitate a scrapbook feel,
that I want to later utilize for the animation to resemble a paper doll show.

Is a picture book concept and my last piece as part of my 2-part thesis for Sheridan Illustration.
This piece is heavily inspired and my love letter to Shaun Tan's "The Arrival"
It is a story about a girl on a quest, to search for a new home for his family and friends.

In contrast to "The Dragon Slayer", this time I wanted to illustrate real people
 I wanted it to be a fantasy dystopian setting portraying real societal problems.
A short story about adapting to external changes and hope.

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